About Us

JumbeFupi is a product of InfinitySoft Technologies. Designed to enable the world communicate Short and relevant messages.Jumbeupi provides application-to-person (A2P) messaging service to large and small businesses, overnments, NGOs & individuals.

Our Vision

To be the leading messaging gateway in africa & Beyond

Our Mission

To continue enhacing communication throught SMS

Our story

Millions of developers around the world needs a platform to unlock the magic of communications to improve any human experience.

JumbeFupi has democratized communications channels like text & email by virtualizing the world’s communications infrastructure through APIs that are simple enough for any developer to use, yet robust enough to power the world’s most demanding applications.

By making communications a part of every software developer’s toolkit, JumbeFupi is enabling innovators across every industry — from emerging leaders to the world’s largest organizations — to reinvent how companies engage with their customers.